“Non-Smoker Life Insurance Rates for Vapers and E-Cig Users”

Sample Annual Premium Comparison

20 Year Level Term

Male Age 45 $250k $500k $1M
Vape Rate $557.50 $1,030 $1,955
Smoker Rate $1,332.50 $2,580 $5,075
Savings 58 % 60 % 61.5 %

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How We Can Help You:

Life Insurance for Pure Vapers

“If you’re Vaping and have not used cigarettes for a year, Bingo!, reap the reward of Non-Smoker rates on your Life Insurance! Use the Vape Life Quote tool to the left to design your policy. See more…”



Life Insurance for Mixed Vapers

“If you are Vaping and have used cigarettes in the last 365 days, we can still save you money on your Life Insurance. See more…”



Existing Policy Owner

“Already covered? Let us review your policy and make sure it is the best and least expensive option for you. See more…”


Business Owner

“Buy/Sell funding? Key Person? Debt Collateralization? You have unique needs, so take advantage of our Free Business Valuation service. See more…”


No Medical Exam Policy

“Looking for the Easy Button? How about a policy that does not require a physical exam and gives nearly immediate coverage? See more…”


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Hello and thanks for visiting Latitude Insurance! Our passion is helping Vapers obtain Non-Smoker insurance rates on their life insurance, saving thousands in premium costs. How do we do this? With over 18 years of experience in the Life Insurance industry, our
specialized knowledge and long standing carrier relationships allow us to find you the best policy at the best price with carriers that offer Vape friendly underwriting.

Whether you are looking for a temporary (Term) or permanent (Universal) plan,
we are here to help. Don’t know what type or amount makes sense? Our agents will take the time to understand your needs so we can recommend a solution that makes sense for your specific situation. A solution that you can understand and will
give you the confidence and security you are looking for.

Do you have a new home, a new child, a new marriage? All of these life events are reasons to consider purchasing or upgrading your life insurance protection. In fact, even if you already have a policy we offer a specialized free LifeReview, an insightful evaluation of your current coverage that can uncover gaps, necessary changes, and even the potential for substantial savings!






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